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The Foundation Party will fight the establishment and secure in full your right to determine the future of your country, your community and your family.

The people are the masters, not the servants.

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Terms and Conditions of Membership

The Foundation Party reserves the right to reject and cancel a person’s membership.

A person’s membership of the Foundation Party may be reviewed by the party immediately upon registration and at any time thereafter. Should membership be rejected and cancelled by the party, this will be communicated to the person in question either via email or post as soon as possible after the decision has been made.

Membership will be rejected and immediately cancelled where the applicant is a member under suspension or is a former member currently expelled from the party.

By becoming a member of the party you are agreeing to the basis of membership, the criteria for being eligible for membership and the grounds on which membership can be rejected or revoked at any time as defined in the party’s Constitution.

All membership subscription fees are regarded as donations and are non-refundable except under special circumstances. Membership may be cancelled at any time by contacting the party via email at .

You are agreeing that the Foundation Party may process and store your personal information and contact you from time to time for the purposes of membership administration, marketing and advertising by the party, and the fulfilment of membership services in accordance with the party’s Privacy Policy.

What being a party member will mean for you:

Help grow support

All subscription money goes towards expanding the party and our campaigns

Stay up to date

Read the member’s newsletter discussing the latest activity and analysis

Volunteer for the party

A range of opportunities from senior management to distributing leaflets

Stand for election

Put your name forward to stand in an election as a party candidate

Campaign resources and support

Obtain access to high quality print and digital campaign materials

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